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August 07 2017

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thicc aesthetic tumblr corgi


thicc aesthetic tumblr corgi

but why


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Trump Toilet Toss: A Satisfying Meditation 1.0.5 is out. Featuring: Speaker Paul Ryan (free!), iMessage Stickers, Native iPad support, and more.

Whew. Glad to have this update pushed. (The iPad stuff was annoying, but I’m proud it’s all working now.)

Let me know if you enjoy my little app so I can personally thank you for using it.

August 05 2017

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I’ll post about this more on Monday, but I just wanted to share that the best part of adding iMessage Stickers to my little game is that I got to include Laz0rTrump in an official App Store screenshot.

July 14 2017

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July 12 2017

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Thank you for this beautiful review. (Write your own! They really do help.)

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July 11 2017

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I think I know who’s next.

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The only pure and good thing you can do on your stupid phone.


No death threats yet. 

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Let’s fuckin do this.

Hard to believe this was almost a year ago. 

July 10 2017

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Apple approved my app! I’ll launch it tomorrow unless I find any last minute issues like it’s melting phones or anything. Watch out for more info and a download link tomorrow! (Sorry for now, Android losers jkjk.)

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July 08 2017

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Going through old photoshop files and I have no memory of making this.

July 07 2017

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July 05 2017


when your young padawan makes a good call

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July 04 2017

June 30 2017

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